Typical day

A typical day in maternal section:

  • 8h30—9h00 : Open welcome time. Parents can accompany their child into the classroom. Free activities: welcome, drawing, board games, manipulative games, book nook…
  • 9h00—9h25 : Assembly: Body Wake Up, songs, rituals, time to know how everyone is feeling.
  • 9h25—10h15 : Different stations according to level: handwriting, reading, mathematics, free activities, sports and yoga…a first look at fundamental learning areas.
  • 10h15—11h15 : Preparation for the park and recess at the park des Buttes Chaumont (cooperative games, open time on the grass or in the sandbox).
  • 11h15—11h30 : Assembly: songs, rituals.
  • 11h30—12h30 : Lunch. The children serve themselves and help to clean up the table after the meal. After, it’s to the bathroom and time for teeth brushing.
  • 12h30—14h30 : Nap for the youngest and for the older ones who want to sleep, free activities for the others and for the oldest children.
  • 14h30—15h35 : Free activities and workshops : art, mathematics, dance, puppetry…
  • 15h35—16h20 : Assembly : stories, songs, snacktime, dancing, or sports in the park on Tuesdays.
  • 16h20 : End of the school day.

A typical day in primary section:

  • 8h30—8h45 : Welcome, free activities. Parents are welcome inside the classroom.
  • 8h45—8h55 : Body wake up, lead by a child.
  • 8h55—9h20 : Assembly in English (the date, weather, “How are you?”, math games or songs…).
  • 9h20—10h20 : Activities in French or in mathematics.
  • 10h20—10h40 : Assembly in French (mental calculation, mathematical riddles, word riddles, poetry….)
  • 10h40—11h30 : Math and French acitivities in half groups (one group with the teacher, the other in autonomy and then the inverse)
  • 11h30—12h30 : Recess at the park.
  • 12h30—13h30 : 1 group in the lunchroom / 1 group in activity (Math, French or English). Groups switch.
  • 13h30—14h00 : Calm time then free activities.
  • 14h00—14h30 : Review of morning lessons.
  • 14h30-15h30 : Depending on the day of the week, eco-citizenship, discovery of the world, history and geography or arts and music.
  • 15h30-16h : Assembly (read-aloud or math).
  • 16h—16h15 : Snack.
  • 16h15-16h20 : Poetry.
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