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IMPORTANT: Save the polar bears!
Friday, February 14th at 5:30pm: Welcoming one and all to participate in our giant auction for the majestic paper maché polar bear, created by all of the children and staff at Living School for the children’s project, “PROTECT THE POLAR BEARS”!! The auction will finance the symbolic adoption of one or several polar bears through the WWF. 45 euros= 1 adopted polar bear! The donations made at our stands and the funds from purchases of artwork in our classrooms will be added to the final sum on Friday Feb 14th at 5:30pm for the auction in order to adopt as many polar bears as possible!! LET’S SAVE SOME POLAR BEARS!
To participate in the auction, make your donation here or make your offer online. Thank you !

Support the ecocitizenship projects
If you would like to support the ecocitizenship projects of the children of Living School, you can make a donation to our cause (link to come). You may also donate your skills! If you have expertise on one of the themes chosen by the children, you are welcome to come share your passion with them. For the 2013-2014 schoolyear, the class 1 is working on polar bears, the class 2 is working on bees, the class 3 is working on sustainable agriculture, and class 4 green building and sustainable houses.

Support families
If you would like to support families who do not have the financial means to enroll their child at Living School, you may make a donation to our cause and click here to provide scholarships to families of modest means who are motivated by our school’s pedagogical project.

Support Savoir-être training for teachers
If you would like to support savoir-etre training for teachers and parents, as well as contribute to broadening the reach of our programs to a larger public, you may make a donation to Savoir-etre and education, a non-profit whose mission is to make wellness training accessible and democratic for educational professionals and parents.

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