Organic meals

The cost of a meal is 7,10 euros per day. The monthly cafeteria fee (4 days per week) is 100 euros. We also offer a snack of organic and seasonal fruits for kindergarten kids (8€/month). We provide a vegetarian option at an additional 10 euros per month – meat and fish are replaced by vegetable protein patties delivered by the provider Toute la Bio.

Meals are prepared using Certified Organic products. Consumption of red meat (due to its strong impact on the environment) is reduced. Endangered seafood is banned from the menu. All food items are guaranteed non-GMO.

We work with the caterer Elior.

Our fresh, organic bread is delivered three times per week from the magnificent Véronique Mauclerc, bakery located at 83 rue de Crimée.

In pre-k and kindergarten, we offer organic fruits for snacktime for 8€ per month. Our fruits are delivered by the provider Elior.

Living School, together as a partner with Utopies, allowed more than 400 children to eat organic food thanks to the “Les Cantines pour la planètes” project. Unfortunatly, this project couldn’t continu. We repeat this experience in opening our network to our new provider Elior.

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