Living School is a private, innovative primary and elementary school created to foster, through education and development of its staff and students, the emergence of responsible and fulfilled citizens into the world, contributors to a true evolution of humanity. Our wish is to present a new way of educating in France and in the world, one that fosters the growth of new ethical leaders, creators of quality for our society and for the world. We are working to share our pedagogy largely and to create new schools in France and elsewhere.

We are hiring! Native Speaking English Teachers (updated April, 2020)

Is teaching children your vocation? Do you want to contribute to a better world? Do you want to be a part of an innovative and fulfilling pedagogical team?

Are you an entrepreneurial educator?

If you can answer yes to these questions, we are looking for you!

Job Information

All entry positions begin with a CDD contract, with the potential to evolve into a CDI contract depending on our collaboration. We are currently seeking to fill two positions as part of our development (opening of our middle school in September) as well as upcoming maternity leave for one of our team members.

Here is how to apply.

Please click on “Process” under the “Jobs” tab of our site. Do not just send your CV and a generic cover letter. More information is detailed on the “Process” page.

Kindly answer the following questions and send your answers and your CV to Julie.
Even better yet, film yourself in a short video (not longer than 15 minutes), answering the questions!

The questions to answer in your application

1) Why do you want to teach children?
2) Please tell us about an experience you have had with a child/children.
3) What part of the Living School pedagogical project most appeals to you?
4) Have you already taught, and if so, which levels and for how long?
5) According to you, what qualities are most necessary for a child to have in order to learn well?
6) What do you do when there are behavior issues in the classroom?
7) What personal qualities and talents can you contribute to Living School?
8) What is your current situation in France or abroad (working or student visa)?
9) How did you learn about this open position?
10) Please feel free to tell us anything else you may feel is important to share.


Management: We are looking for an intern for a paid, long-term internship (3 to 6 months). You will work on projects as diverse as recruitment, communication, and organization. For more information, see the detailed listing here.

In the classroom: We regularly welcome interns at our school (middle school internships, CAP Petite enfance internships etc) for unpaid internships. To apply, send your CV and your letter of motivation to Mauve.

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